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The Ultimate GSA Checklist for CCOs: 5 Key Steps to Boost Revenues and Reduce Costs

GSA services for airlines

As Chief Commercial Officers search for the ideal General Sales Agent (GSA) to partner within a local market, the objectives are clear: increase revenues, minimize costs and overheads, and improve efficiency.

But ensuring a GSA can meet these expectations requires careful consideration. Here's a checklist centered on five critical elements that reflect a GSA's potential to significantly benefit your airline.

Step #1: Track Record of the GSA 

Is the GSA recognized for boosting airline revenues and reducing costs?

A GSA with a proven track record stands as a beacon of reliability, demonstrating their grasp of the aviation market's demands and their adeptness at navigating its challenges.

Assessing a GSA’s portfolio of customers and their market history is crucial. A long-term, commercially successful partnership between an airline and a GSA is a positive indicator.

Step #2: The Manpower and the Team 

Does the GSA possess a competent, experienced team?

The importance of this cannot be overstated. The right team means your operations can begin smoothly, devoid of the challenges associated with recruitment or training, ensuring your airline has access to premium talent from the outset.

An effective team on the ground is essential for guaranteed profitability.

Step #3: Local Trade Network Relationships

How connected is the GSA in local trade?

A GSA deeply integrated into the local trade can navigate through sales channels effortlessly, enabling you to generate revenue from the get go.

GSAs with extensive local knowledge and known to authorities can save considerable time and effort, directly translating to profit.

Step #4: Distribution Channels 

Is the GSA an expert in distribution?

A GSA that excels in creating and managing wide-reaching distribution networks ensures your airline's services are effectively marketed and sold, enhancing visibility and profitability.

Effective distribution is vital for reaching your target audience and maximizing sales.

Step #5: Extra Bonus Services 

What extra benefits does the GSA provide?

Beyond the basics, services like fare filing, market analysis, and cargo handling can set an exceptional GSA apart from a merely competent one, granting your airline a significant advantage in operational prowess and market flexibility.

The broader and more varied the services offered by a GSA, the greater the potential for revenue increase and cost reduction for your airline.

Selecting the right GSA is more than a partnership; it's a strategic move that can redefine your airline's presence and performance in a local market.

By thoroughly evaluating these five key areas, CCOs can align with a GSA that not only meets but exceeds their airline’s revenue and operational goals.

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